Hi! *waving at your screen*

My name is Nancy & I am a freelance photographer residing in Los Angeles, CA.

I specialize in fashion photography/editorials & love shooting lifestyle, portraits & video!

What is ENJAEPhotography? I took the first letters of my name: "Nancy Jae Park", & when you say it, it's spelled: "EN-JAE-P"

I just simply connected "photography" next to my last name & voila!



I enjoy spontaneous moments during planned shoots. It's an adventure in itself & I believe that that is what makes my style of fashion photography simply fun & natural.

I love making sure that my clients are comfortable as they're being photographed.

I love when they're just simply who they are. That's what I capture. 


One of the best parts of my journey in photography is finding out that my grandpa and my dad had a collection of cameras from their days in the 60's & had a passion for keeping memories the way they saw them.

I look at their photos now & I want to do the same.

I want to tell a story & keep it alive for others to see & remember.

I want to capture people as they are. They have a story just like I do. Their lives matter and it’s an honor for me to capture a glimpse of it.



The amazing thing about photography is that with one click of a button, it captures moments of life passing, holding them still.

So, shall we work together? Email me & let's talk!





the art and practice of creating imperishable images.