3.27.17 "This is your home" 

Another day of photographing friends. Went to Pasadena, photographed at a parking structure/alley & walked near a patio store that had storage in a gated area. I wanted to photograph my friends there so I took the risk of possible rejection but came out receiving something that I never thought would happen. An older woman & an African-American man allowed us to go in the back & shoot. After we finished, we were on our way out saying our "thank you's." The man walked up towards us & said, "You know, I sensed something about you guys. You're kind. Lord knows...we need people like you. There's something you carry & it's pure kindness. This brother here, this sister here, you guys need to continue to represent that. You need each other. When people are running for a higher position like a president, who knows what could happen...but you? You're kind. I can see you taking a position like that. We own this parking lot. You can park here for free anytime you want. You can go to restaurants & park here. You can come into this patio store & shoot whenever you want. This is your home." 
Sometimes when you take risks, you just never know what you can experience. All I can say is this was perfect timing for me, & I'd like to extend this word to you. If you're willing to learn something, take risks today. Let it mold you, shape you, & bring you to another level of confidence & creativity. But when you take that risk & run into a situation that hurts, don't let the criticism of others dictate your response to that situation. Don't let people despise who you are or your work. But see it in a different perspective. See it in a different light. How you respond will dictate your outcome emotionally & spiritually. It can either make you stronger or you'll be disappointed again. The first step? Respond in love. If you feel annoyed by that, it's probably a clear sign to train yourself to love well in the most suckiest situation. Love well, know your work, push through, grow.


4.28.17 "Maybe you should..."
Annie's Workspace

Annie. Fannie. Seo. I remember when I first heard about her on Facebook years ago about her artwork that was going into a contest. Personally, I wouldn't say it was a competition for her because she's confident in what she expresses through art regardless of the outcome. Although I've humbly witnessed her ups and downs with her creativity (like everyone else), I've also witnessed more of her passion to keep going. To be quite honest, it was an encouragement for me to pursue my passion as a freelancer. 
"Maybe you should..." I quite often hear this from Annie. This girl carries so much wisdom it's not even...funny. Whatever comes after that word "should", I am 99.9% blown away. Her advice, her wisdom, her suggestions, all come out of concern and care for me and whatever I share with her. I believe that someone with that kind of personality and character can easily express love and compassion through art. I believe that people can feel it just by taking a look at her artwork. She's done touching artwork for my nephew and every time I look at that, I remember the good I've witnessed in my nephew. 
When you carry laughter, joy, compassion, wisdom, care, especially being transparent with sorrow & weakness with friends, I believe that many can experience the gift of life. I'm thankful for this lady that she can do it with her art.